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How to Make it In the Gig Economy

If you are not part of the 54 million Americans who rely on gigs and not the traditional join then you must be wondering what the meaning of a gig is.

As much as you may be relying on a gig and not a traditional job, probably you have not had a clear understanding to what a gig is and what a traditional job and what are the differences and learn more here!

A gig is a temporary job or task that a project owner or company assigns to you to perform and this is done in s specified amount of time as per the agreements with the person who assigns you the job.

For example if you happen to be graphic designer, the project owner and you will come to an agreement of the timeline the project is to be delivered and the payment mode and method and then you will embark to work, that’s a gig, see more now!

Some gigs can run for years and some are not short term, but as long as a gig has been given a timeline it still remains to be a temporary job even if it will run for years read more here and understand the difference between a traditional and a gig job. You can visit this website to learn more about gig economy or discover more surviving tips.

The person who do gig jobs is called a freelancer and the person who does a traditional job is the one who receives a pay at the end of the month and the freelancers are in charge of their taxes.

As an employee you have work right like rights to fair compensation and once you are fired you can challenge your employer in the labor court unlike a freelancer who has no such right, for more view here!

Once you are working on gigs you become your own boss but that does not mean that you cannot be bossed around by the person you are working for, however you have an advantage of being the bigger boss.

If you are a newbie in the gig economy it would be easy to fall into a comfort zone and lands the gig that does not meet your needs and that is recipe for disaster, what you need to do is settle for a pay that will be good since freelancing can be a lucrative job.

To avoid such scenario where you can be left without an income when a client pull out, make it a habit to have a plan A and plan B in case one of these does not work out more details here.

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